eFranchisorSuite is the ONLY Network Security & Privacy (Cyber) insurance policy specifically for the franchise industry. With ten (10) insuring clauses, it offers coverage unavailable elsewhere and allows franchisors to cover all their franchisees i(f desired). Highlights include Vicarous Liability, D&O Coverage, PREventative Risk Management reimbursement, Full FTC & FDD coverage, etc.

We have combined comprehensive coeverage, the ability to cover franchisees (at very affordable cost) and provide top industry PRE and POST service partners, many exclusive to FranchisePerils.

See policy for exact terms, conditions and exclusions.

About FranchisePerils

FranchisePerils, a division of ExecutivePerils, was formed in 2013 to solely focus on the franchise industry. We understand the unique challenges that franchisors and franchisees face and address them with innovative insurance products by trusted and proven insurance companies. By recognizing the unique characteristics of the franchise industry, FranchisePerils has been able to bring unparalleled value & expertise to both franchisors and franchisees.

Our FranchisorSuite® and eFranchisorSuite policies are the ONLY policies solely designed for the franchise industry. We provide maximum protection at a great value for franchisors.

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